WorldCall and Multimedia Strengthen Strategic Partnership for FTTH Rollout in DHA Lahore and Future Collaborations

WorldCall and Multimedia have strengthen a strategic partnership for the Fiber-to-the-Home (FTTH) rollout in Defense Housing Authority (DHA) Lahore areas. A recent meeting between the management teams of WorldCall and Multimedia focused on the comprehensive plan for the upcoming FTTH deployment in DHA areas and explore potential future collaborations.

Multimedia, renowned as a premier Out-of-Home (OOH) advertiser, possesses prime assets in DHA Lahore. In this collaboration, Multimedia is set to actively support WorldCall's FTTH conversion and expansion efforts in DHA, leveraging its strategic presence in the area.

This partnership builds upon the existing collaboration between Multimedia and WorldCall, which includes channel promotion and cable management over several years. The meeting also addressed the future roadmap following the investment by GlobalTech (Symbol: GLTK:US) in WorldCall's cable infrastructure.

Both entities are keen on enhancing their collaboration, marking a significant step towards mutual growth and advancements in the telecom and multimedia landscape.

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