WorldCall LDI Services

WorldCall designed and installed its LDI network based on the NGN (Next Generation Networking) technology, utilizing an IP core network. This design is flexible and future-proof as it has the capability to interface with all existing access technologies. The currently installed equipment allows WTL to interface with legacy PSTN, ISDN, V5.2, HFC (VoCable), H.323 and SIP based VoIP networks along with Connectivity with international carriers.

WorldCall commenced LDI operations in 2004 & is currently valued as one of the leading companies in wholesale/retail telecom traffic business. It laid down the foundation of its long distance network on solid grounds taking on board reputable vendors & solution that ensures reliability, security, scalability, redundancy and stability to meet the needs of today and future. The state of the art equipment comprises of Soft-switches, media gateways, session border controllers, core network routers, switches & an efficient management & maintenance system.

This class 4/5 carrier grade wholesale/retail platform having 1.2 million BHCA, 20’000 simultaneous VOIP sessions capacity enables Worldcall to inter-operate between different carrier grade operators. Among major carrier grade NGN services Worldcall offers following:

  • All in one future proof interconnection solutions
  • A unified technological network saving rental & interconnection cost
  • Offering wholesale partners international network solution, complimenting international traffic exchange
  • Convergent nodes with all in one architecture
  • Traffic route enhancement
  • Capability to integrate access nodes & networks

Our NGN Network

Worldcall LDI provides abundant services and networking models. Its NGN Softswitch can be used as end office (C5 office), tandem office (C4 office), toll office, gateway office, and SSP. However LDI major business volume revolves around C4 traffic operations.

LDI deployment offers an integrated solution for both fixed and mobile network. The switch & associated nodes ensures high availability, high reliability, high real-time, high scalability, high load balance and high compliance to open system. It is capable of handling; 2 million BHCA, 28000 VOIP sessions & 20000 ISUP circuits. Its a simple yet powerful NGN architecture which is future proof & gives Worldcall the edge to migrate its services to future IP technologies with little expansion & cost.

At LDI our NGN network adopts advanced software & hardware technology that enables us to interconnect & integrate traditional PSTN networks as well as Packet switching networks.

WorldCall LDI Nationwide Presence

WorldCall LDI
Nationwide Presence

Our Nationwide Presence

LDI Services are available in the below mentioned cities:

  • Lahore
  • Islamabad
  • Rawalpindi
  • Peshawar
  • Faisalabad
  • Gujrat
  • Gujranwala
  • Jhelum
  • Sialkot
  • Multan
  • Sahiwal
  • Karachi
  • Sukkur
  • Hyderabad

Our NGN Services

Traffic Transit Services

Traffic Transit Services

Worldcall LDI offers international as well as national transit services. We have interconnects established with all major nationwide carriers as well as international interconnects that allows us to be a significant player in transit traffic business. The transit services extend from exchange of traffic among national carriers to international carriers terminating traffic in Pakistan.

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A-Z Traffic Exchange

A-Z routing & traffic exchange is a specialized service that requires a robust technical and commercial control. The service demands dynamic routing control & billing efficiency to cater the complications of large calling data & route options. Our NGN network provides us the necessary tools & analysis window to implement A-Z routes and also maneuver traffic based on certain quality parameters.

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A-Z Traffic Exchange
Subscribers Services

Subscribers Services

Our NGN is fully capable of extending class 5 subscriber operations offering complete range of standard as well as supplementary features. Be it a multimedia or plain old telephone subscriber we are capable of enabling all standard subscriber terminals & provide class 5 operators with the necessary maintenance controls to manage their own subscribers.

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PRA Services

Worldcall PRA service is ideal for enterprises requiring simultaneous call sessions. Using a traditional PSTN network it allows for quicker & easy connections thus saving time & money.

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PRA Services

Our Interconnect Partners

FAQs WorldCall LDI

Yes. LDI switch is capable of interconnecting with both TDM technology as well as VOIP which mainly includes SIP & H323 protocols.

We use Huawei Session Border Controller (SBC) which acts as a firewall between private & public IP domains. SBCs further internally establish IP connectivity with softswitch using IP pairing.

LDI deploys media gateways to establish TDM interconnects.

IFMI (IP interface module) is responsible for exchanging IP packets.

Call data or bill records (CDRs) for every type of call whether successful or failed are first saved on softswitch call processing modules & then immediately transferred to bill gateway server specially meant for processing CDRs. Bill gateway server has heart beat & synchronization established with softswitch. Bill records from this server are handed over to billing server through FTP?FTAM.

CDR data is saved on respective billing servers (processed CDRs) & also on DVDs (binary data).

Bill related information, queries, complaints are received by commercial department which after evaluating the query takes support from both billing and technical teams.

Yes. This is our main area of business & we have interconnects established with all major carriers in Pakistan like PTCL, Jazz, Telenor etc.

Yes. We have interconnects with both retail & wholesale operators for A-Z services.

Wholesale & retail services have different quality & quantity parameters. Retail traffic demands higher quality & therefore depends on quality interconnect routes whatever the quantity may be. Wholesale on the other hand requires medium quality but works on bulk quantity traffic. Rates are different for both types of traffic.

Per sec traffic converted nearest minute is followed.

LDI focuses on class 4 operations & does not have its own subscriber base. It has only limited own subscribers for internal & test purpose. It however interconnects with various class 5 carriers depending on the business model.

Yes. LDI has a well established centralized network operations center which has internal sub divisions for level-1, level-2 & level-3 support & maintenance activities.

Yes. Usually its a 24x7 NOC operations. In case of any absence, proper alternate contacts are shared with respective customers.

NOC uses proprietary applications, internally developed software tool (RTMS) and standard applications like solar winds, Open NMS etc. for carrying out monitoring activities.

LDI commercial department can be contacted for initiating such cases.

LDI has a regulatory department which deal all kinds of legal matters with other operators & also PTA (Pakistan regulatory authority). This department is responsible for legal information sharing, regulatory complaints & enforcing regulatory policies within LDI.