Message From the Chairman


اَلسَّلَامُ عَلَيْكُمْ

I sincerely thank WorldCall Board of Directors for electing me as the Chairman of the Board. I pray to Allah to enable me to perform as per the immense confidence the management of WorldCall has reposed in my leadership. It is an immense responsibility and I would need the support of all stakeholders in performance of my duties.

My association with WorldCall spans over two decades. I take pride in being a pioneer member of an organization that forever changed the telecom landscape in Pakistan through its innovation in service offering, WorldCall has a number of Industry firsts including payphones, calling cards, fiber optic network deployments along with full data, voice telephony, cable tv and media services.

WorldCall strength has always been a sum of its employees and the depth of network deployment. Together they enable service delivery for our valued customers. Given the right environment I am sure that we can do wonders and that is the primary reason for my acceptance of this position.

Recent successful deployment of Fiber to the Home is a testament to the above fact. End customer connectivity has been achieved with 100 Mbps internet, Analogue CATV (75 Channels), Digital CATV (200+ channel) powered by a home-grown CRM. Fiber optic plant, deployed in phases over last twenty years, with a highly versatile existing Headend, delivered a conversion cost of less than USD 100 for our existing cable subscribers. It is a huge competitive advantage that would surely be a game changer moving forward.

With this successful deployment, WorldCall is being enabled for delivering 50K FTTH conversion project over the next year. I am sure that the Company management and operations team will deliver as per required timeline in the most efficient manner. In the meantime, we would be focused on mass roll-out with our franchise partners targeting the most affluent from the 1.2 million households currently receiving WorldCall Cable TV services. Combined numbers would make us the industry leader in FTTH services and we have to ensure that we make it a success as a team. We also need to maintain our current strength in LDI Operations and target the immense opportunity for our fiber optic deployment in light of the recently announced 5G policy by the Government of Pakistan.

WorldCall management also recognizes the expectations of its shareholders and I am sure that they would be winners along with all other stakeholders who have stood by the Company over the years.

Time has come to make a difference with our performance and In sha’ Allah we will achieve our targets in their entirety.

Yours sincerely,
Chairman WorldCall Telecom Limited

Our Valuable Customers