WorldCall Telecom Limited joins World Mobile ( – Mobile/Data Operations on Blockchain

With crypto-currencies and crypto-securities (blockchain technologies), the world is overwhelmed with the potential and possibilities the technology brings. However, lack of underlying assets and regulatory transparency has been a stumbling block in mass adoption of these technologies. Still, the underlying technology driving this revolution is very robust and is an ideal platform suited to build services that can transverse global boundaries and remove limitations inherent to a localized service operations.

Worldcall has signed up with World Mobile to help develop a vast fiber and data infrastructure along with its interconnect relationships to roll-out first of its kind data services in Pakistan. During the test phase the subscription would be limited to select few customers before a nationwide launch after full suite of services is enabled on the platform. It would be a liberating experience for both the subscribers and operators, as they would benefit in a most cost efficient manner and with vastly enhanced security. Network capacity would be utilized to the fullest and subscribers would avail best of its class service with minimal costs. Blockchain management would ensure that all participants in the service provision value chain would be duly compensated transparently and subscribers would actually be in control of service management. Exponential increase in data usage projected over coming years is a key driver as data security and utilization on demand would never be limited by packaging or availability for both the operator and the end-user.

World Mobile has allocated capacity of nearly 1.5 million data users in Pakistan in global launch phase and is providing financial and technical support to Worldcall Telecom for deployment and implementation.

Pakistan is one the fastest growing markets for data consumption. Capacity and availability is finding it hard to keep up with the immense demand and provides an ideal scenario for a phenomenal jump in utilization if network and subscribers are linked right across the spectrum with no limitations. World Mobile is targeting to unlock the true potential of Pakistan market.

World Mobile is powered by a team that has been at the forefront of blockchain revolution. With years of industry experience, they have raised over USD 40 million to finance their projects and now is the time for them to concentrate on a global outreach program for its telecom services. Addition of telecom / data services on the platform would be a first of its kind innovation but derived from proven success in the blockchain industry.

WorldCall Telecom Limited joins World Mobile ( – Mobile/Data Operations on Blockchain

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